When we feel connected to something bigger than ourselves, we are driven by the purest form of energy. Although the days may blend and our footsteps grow weary,  the connectedness to that cause is worth fighting for compels us forward. For some icons, that mean giving a voice to those unheard and being steadfast in their pursuit of justice.


Love is the foundation of humanity; it is the language and emotion that compels us to feel. It is all encompassing, ever-present and should be cherished through the everyday walk we take with our other halves. We raise a toast to all of the black queens in the world; we love you and wouldn’t be here without you. Whether it be a night on the town or enjoying the company she provides, love is how we recharge our energy to push through limits of what is possible and break down any barriers set before us.  We share this video with you all in honor of our founding principle LOVE.


The ‘Duly’ is the essence of cultural evolution. Designing yourself means owning your look; your style and allowing no one the ability to box you in.


“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”

– Pablo Picasso

Burke Brush proudly introduces to you, the ‘Duly.’ The world’s first ever Easy-Tie Durag. Dare to be iconic and change the world in style with our Silk Performance and Velvet Lux Duly.


Grooming is an essential part of a well-kept man’s routine. Although gruff and grime may indicate hard work done in various fields, the ability to clean up and enjoy the spoils of one’s labor pays dividends both “in and out of season”. I’ve always valued the grooming process of which hairstyling is a core component, whether it’s getting ready for school pictures, blowing out the Afro before and after games, or getting my hair braided in act of cultural defiance, your look isn’t complete until your “do” is done.

One of the things my military dad vicariously passed down to me when he dressed, was an attention to detail, he was very meticulous. His shoes were shined, he wore an undershirt, you could smell his cologne throughout the house, and he always had a fresh haircut which he brushed incessantly.

Hair is an important part of a person’s self image and I learned during my teenage years that one could train your hair to do different things. After my Afro years, I decided to start brushing my hair instead of “picking” it out with a wire spoked comb. I wore my hair parted down the middle, which showed my hair’s texture when I brushed, and eventually I started brushing my hair backwards. With a lower cut, that was it, I’d found my style, but the training was ongoing, I brushed.

The feedback, or better yet, the attention from the ladies was confirmation that I’d found my mojo, but the training continued, I brushed! I tried different brands of hair greases and several different conditioners in an attempt to emulate that barbershop look, while constantly training, I brushed. However, something wasn’t quite right. So I decided to try a different tool, a different brush, one with slightly softer bristles, one with a better grip, less friction, it mattered.

Now instead of tugging at my hair, when I brushed, I massaged my hair, moving each strand into its own space. Finally, the training was done, my kinky was kool. Now, I was grooming, and my hair responded to the smoother strokes, the softer bristles, I brushed with a new confidence, a confidence which permeated my very being. Showered and shaved, a splash of my favorite cologne, I’m dressed. With my tool in hand, I’m ready….“Gimme the night”!

Kevin Theophilus Roach